UmmS’s Little Khadija

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

It’s how I am. When I love people, I want to ‘own them’ and ‘to own’ here means to associate myself very closely with them. I absolutely love the little child in the video I’m going to share. Mashaa’Allah! May Allah SWT bless her with ‘Hayat-at-tayibbah’ and make her the leader of Sawliheen.Ameen.

I hereby own Little Khadija and want to call her UmmS’s Little Khadija because she made Umm Sulaim love Allah SWT even more by making her heart smile and cry of His Mercy that He SWT has showered upon us in the form of beautiful little people called children:

May Allah SWT bless her parents for the wonderful tarbiyah of the child.Ameen.


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