They were but Youth…

In the tafseer of the ayah, “And We gave him wisdom while yet a child” [19:12], it is narrated from Ma’mar that some children said to Yahya (`alayhisalaam), “Come and play with us.” He said, “For play and amusement, I was not created.” [Tafseer al-Qurtubi 87/11]

`Abdur-rahman ibn Muhammad, author of Sifat al-Awliyaa’ said: Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Naysaburi said that Fath al-Mosili (rahimahullah) said:

“I set out for Hajj and when I was in the middle of the desert I saw a young child not yet of age (to perform Islamic duties), so I said to him, ‘Where to?‘ He said, ‘To the House of my Lord.‘ I said, ‘You are young – the Laws (of Hajj) are not binding upon you.’ So he said, ‘I have indeed seen those younger than me die.’ I said, ‘Your footsteps are short.‘ He said, ‘Upon me is to take the steps and upon Him (i.e Allah) is the conveyance if He wills. Have you not heard His statement, “As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely guide them to Our Paths.”?

I said, ‘But I don’t see any provisions with you.’ He said, ‘My provision is yaqeen (certainty) in my heart – wherever I may be, I am certain that Allaah will provide for me.’ I said, ‘I meant that you take provisions of bread and water.’ He said, ‘what’s your name?‘ I said ‘Fath.’ He said, ‘O Fath, I’ll ask you something.’ I said, ‘Ask.’ He said, ‘Do you see that if a brother of yours from the people of this world was to invite you to his house, would you not be shy from taking food with you to eat at his house?’ I said, ‘Of course!’ He said, ‘Indeed my master has called me to His House so He will provide me with food and drink.’

Fath said, ‘I became amazed at his matter, his clarity and asceticism at his young age.’


Courtesy: IlmCenter


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