1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets

Of course like I always say we do not need public verification/appreciation for what a glorious history we had in terms of our Sahaba (RA) and then here specifically, scientific explorations, but I don’t know why this video reminded me of my childhood and how imaginative I was as a child…gave me an overall good feeling.

But yeah every bit counts (although the music could’ve been avoided). Inshaa’Allah this will pave path for greater Dawah projects, for which there’s an obvious dearth of initiatives. It’s a useful educational tool and definitely clears the air which has been fogged by ‘Western-only’ perspective to things…which honestly I’m getting very tired of partly because that’s what I’ve been fed with ever since I was a child. Now it all seems like a lie. I think we should analyze this world as a whole rather than through the lens of nationalism etc. and should be more truthful with an element of objectivity when we narrate historical events.

And this idea makes you thankful for the preservation of Ahadith (prophetic traditions) and the Quraan. Literally puts one’s heart at rest. SubhanAllah.

Alhamdolilah for such an initiative.


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