My Brits and the Cuppa-tea Town

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

The title makes me smile for obvious reasons. YES it is directed at British folks. Mashaa’Allah according to the stats, most of my regular readers have been British. I have a feeling all the Canadians/Americans are at Muslim Matters. Not surprising. Not surprising at all.

Khayr, I got to know from very very reliable sources that you guys had a GPU convention? Is that what it’s called? Anyhow, Sh. Mishary was there amongst many others. And then you guys had Sh. Riad for ‘Valley of Seekers’. This really is amazing mashaa’Allah. One blessing after the other.

So dear ‘cuppatea’ brothers and sisters, I wish I could be there with you all to enjoy the high spirits of enthusiasm that seems contagious over there…

…but I have important things here at home to take care of…for now: it’s an exam that I have tomorrow.

And yeah, you guys have cute accents mashaa’Allah although I still don’t understand how ‘NorTH’ with a ‘-TH’ at the end becomes ‘Norfff’ in a British mouth. Mystery! If anyone has a logical explanation to this, please feel free to pounce on the comment box.

Please remember me in your duaas,



2 Responses to “My Brits and the Cuppa-tea Town”

  1. Dont think I can explain the ‘norff’ things, its just a northern twist on things, we have this invisible north/south divide. Especially when it comes to visiting London. I think people are just plain lazy in expressing themselves.

    Don’t be jealous – it appears the scholars I met reside in your country, so if anything I should be more jealous than you! The blessings were much needed.

    Anyhow, you focus on your exam.

    Best wishes

    • Oh, I see. That’s interesting.

      Thanks for making me feel better but I do know UK has a great generation of Muslims. May Allah SWT bless them and us all.ameen.

      Thanks and wasalamu alaykum,

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