I have Enough!

“Obviously, only you can determine what’s appropriate for you, but I can assure you that every single decision or demand you make involving a higher quality object, an increased standard of living, or more perfection on your part of someone else will be very easy to justify. It will always seem like “one more” thing or”one more” demand will do the trick — then you will be happy. It takes a great deal of wisdom to say “More isn’t always better,” “More isn’t going to make me happier,” or ” I have enough.”

I’m confident that if you experiment with this strategy you will discover a route to contentment that you might never have considered. You can still have a wonderful life and all the things you need — and most of what you want. However, your life will be far simpler and easier to manage. You will feel less stress and pressure, as though a better life is just around the corner. You will spend less time thinking about what you want, you’ll be less consumption oriented, and you will be much more easily satisfied. You’ll also be far less inclined to “sweat the small stuff” because you will have reduced your habit of thinking that things aren’t good enough as they are. Not a bad list of benefits. I hope you’ll give this strategy a try. It might change your perspective a great deal. “[Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff — with your family]


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