The Extinct Commodity: Islamic Etiquettes

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Many a time, I sometimes think to myself how wonderful it would’ve been if I could go to some institution and just learn how to beautify my Ikhlaq because internalization of good Ikhlaq and etiquettes makes absorbance of knowledge and its application so very easy. This is precisely why before you embark the road to seeking knowledge, one should be ‘ready’ for it by knowing the etiquettes of seeking knowledge. I remember listening that the Ta’bay’een used to do ghusl and perfume themselves before reading a hadith. They wouldn’t raise their voice while reciting it (in light of that specific ayah in which Allah SWT commands not to raise voice over the voice of the Prophet SAW) and wouldn’t narrate hadith while standing out of Adab of the hadith and in turn the Prophet SAW. Where do we see that these days? Also, I remember asking a sister to narrate a hadith in English (convincing them to read in Arabic was almost impossible) and she had a very disgusting attitude towards the chain of narrators in that she said why should she bother reading all the chain of narrators. Astaghfirullah! How can we forget the meticulousness with which the ahadith have been preserved? These chain of narrators are part of Allah’s Preservation of ahadith and they are linked to the Prophet SAW! At least show some respect especially if you are the one out of a community of thousands of Muslims who are engaged in seeking knowledge. This shows how lost we are, including myself first.

Some of us think that it’s our ‘right’ to defend ourselves and in that process we use words that are not very kind. While others have inflated egos and think just because they have better status, are more religious, older etc., Allah SWT won’t question them for the way they behave with those weaker than them. In my opinon, arrogance and the love of Allah SWT cannot reside together in one heart. It seems incomprehensible. Therefore, hearts devoid of the love of Allah SWT are probably filled with either self-love , love of duniya or other creations. I also remember reading long back a saying of Sufyan at-Thawri (R) which made me smile. I’m not entirely sure whether he said it so please do not quote me on this. I think it was about the manners of those who seek knowledge and there was a section about choosing the right companions and avoiding friends who are harmful to your Eeman. In that he talked about very interesting ways to judge the calibre of the companion you seek to befriend, one of which is to bring about a situation to test the level of patience of this person. Judge them whether a certain situation results in them being ‘angry’. And if they do end up behaving negatively, one should not waste their time with such people because you have to choose the best of the best. SubhanAllah, I thought that was a bit harsh but very wise too because why should we waste our lives/time with someone who is going to destroy your Eeman especially since every second is being noted? Allahu Akbar. In present day and time, all of us would be friendless really if we set such a criteria.And Allah SWT knows best.

If there is some brother/sister out there looking for a Dawa’h project to start then I suggest they should start Tarbiyah training courses which teach the students about the etiquettes from visiting the washroom to following the Sunnah. Would be ideal if it was near where I live since Adab is learned through physically seeing how the Ustadh behaves. But if it’s online, I’m going to be the number one student inshaa’Allah to register for it. Anyway, seeking knowledge is an ongoing journey and so inshaa’Allah even if we do not reach where we want to in terms of knowledge, at least we will die seeking and striving for it…or so I hope. Inshaa’Allah khayr.

I am exploring different blogs these days and I do not need to please any blogger by sharing their work or recommending it. Their work will speak for itself and inshaa’Allah if it’s something I want to ‘collect’ and make it part of my blog, I will most definitely share it with the public of course with a duaa that may Allah SWT give them barakah in their lives and make them and their families, along with ours, the leaders of Mutaquun.Ameen.

In light of adab and etiquettes, I would highly recommend all of us to go through the following webpage for the next few days:

Ilm Center: Adab

Very interesting and beneficial reminders mashaa’Allah.

Alhamdolilah for internet and Allah’s helpers who care enough world-wide to share the knowledge of His Deen because we are nothing but beggars. And beggars are in constant need of any good that comes their way. Allahu Mustaa’n.

Beauty of the heart and soul are ‘endangered species’. May Allah SWT protect us from our evil inclinations and purify our character so that we are able to follow the footsteps of the Prophet SAW.Ameen.

And Allah SWT knows best.

[a gentle reminder to myself first and then others]


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