My pleasure is in Your Pleasure

We strive for His Pleasure, we are conscious all the time that we may not say/do or even think in the manner He does not like.

When we reach Jannah what a huge relief it would be when He SWT says that He has granted us His Pleasure eternally! What a state of peace and security would that be! A mountainous burden off our backs!

And besides the numerous greater blessings of Jannah of being able to meet the Prophets and those Sahabiat/Sahaba…I wouldn’t mind being 70 times more beautiful than a Houri. One incentive after the other and that too they’re actually gender-specific. SubhanAllah!

Before Allah SWT actually says to me that He has granted me His Pleasure inshaa’Allah in Jannatul Firdaus, I want to say with all those glorious blessings in this dunia and all those blessings He has informed me of by Preserving His Words…I am pleased with Him from the depths of my heart and that there’s no greater blessing in this dunia except to be His Closest Slave:

Which means: ‘I’m pleased with Allah SWT as my Lord, and Islam as my religion and Mohammed SAW as my Messenger.’

[This in fact one of the supplications of morning and evening. And there’s special benefit of saying it. But I want everyone who doesn’t know to find out themselves inshaa’Allah]

Most of the times we know but we always need reminders to be able to internalize His Love and to be able to believe in those consequences as if we actually see them. Dunia’s distractions fog our vision but alhamdolilah for such powerful Words of Allah SWT which cleanse our ‘lens’ and make us focus correctly.

And Allah SWT knows best the state of hearts.


May Allah SWT protect us from the accursed Shayateen who are ready to steal the peace of our hearts. May He Azz-Wa-Jall, forgive us and let us enter Jannah without any Hisaab…and make Him Pleased with us in this dunia and Akhira.Ameen.


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