Beauty in Tawheed

I feel like a revert everyday…the emotions…ahhh.

This lady…I just have no words for her.

And even though, with a million differences in the way we speak and look, we’re still so alike.

This is what Tawheed does to humans. It bonds them across a vast sea of differences.

Where are those unfortunate people who think culture/nationality/race/caste divides us?

We’re all one because our God is One.

It’s so beautiful beyond words.

And I love her message  about spreading Islam and her approach towards her marriage…at least there’s one person who thinks like me. It was just getting extremely lonely.

She even mentioned the most interesting part of Umm Sulaym RA’s life: her dowry being  Abu Talhah RA accepting Islam! The most exalted dowry in the history of Islam! :)

May Allah SWT bless this lady and her husband, who accepted her immediately, with the highest level in Jannah.Ameen.


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