Just Do it: Follow the Sunnah>>Giving Gifts

My favourite Sunnah for obvious reasons :)

Doesn’t have to be a special occasion such as Eid etc. 

(inshaa’Allah none of us celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and/or Valentine’s Day)

Doesn’t have to be something spectacular either. Could be anything really. Even a smile.


There are two types of giving of gifts: (1)to honor a specific person or (2)charity

In terms of honoring specific persons, the greatest rights are that of people most closest to you(parents/spouse/siblings/relatives) and it doesn’t have to be a person with financial problems.

“If you give a gift to one of your relatives, that may be better than giving charity, because it is more befitting to uphold the ties of kinship. The same may apply if you give a gift to a friend of yours, because that will strengthen the bonds of love between you.” [Islam Q and A, Fatwa # 34614]

Some simple gift ideas (tied with the notion of giving Sadaqah)

  • as you make a sandwich for yourself, make two and offer it to someone you have lunch with
  • give someone a surprise ride back home esp. when the weather’s bad
  • send a letter/card/flowers to your parents/relatives
  • buy Dawah CDs, gift wrap them and give to someone in the Masjid randomly
  • do your neighbor’s groceries for the week
  • a surprise halal call to those whom you don’t call
  • treat someone with your cooking (could be a hazardous gift but it’s the thought that counts)
  • give charity or buy a few toys for children who are terminally ill(have cancer etc.)
  • give at least 50 cents in charity with the intention that the reward goes to the whole ummah :)
  • make duaas for everyone you know, everyone you don’t know, everyone alive/dead/who’s yet to come
  • give your family/friends hugs (#1 tangible gift)

I think the biggest thing that one can do is probably give a gift to someone they don’t have good relations with. That surely would be a huge good deed if the intention’s in place.

In the end, only the idea that somebody thought about you during their busy schedule is the most precious gift in itself.

So yeah …think about it and just do it , the Nike way!

Give gifts not because you love someone but because you love Allah SWT and want to please Him by following His Beloved Messenger SAW.


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