UmmSulaim says ‘Thank You’

Dearest Readers,

Umm Sulaim wants to thank each and every reader of hers. Especially those who not only read but also take out the time to comment. And tolerate her comments when she comments back!

Know that each and everyone of you brings a smile to her face.

Some of you she has personal contact with and she misses those who are out of touch. Especially that one sister who lives far far away. While others, even though she cannot exchange personal thoughts/emails with them, she respects them and honors them greatly. And that’s not because they come here and encourage her. It’s because that they are Muslims. She knows that their intentions are inshaa’Allah pure so they needn’t worry about it. Their matter lies with Allah SWT and she has no right to judge them. But like always she’ll ask herself to upgrade her intention and ask them to as well.

Each one of you is a gem, waiting to be discovered.She values your presence and will try her best to remember each one of you in her duaa.

Everything is from Allah SWT but this post is in light of this hadith:

“Whoever does not give thanks to the people does not give thanks to Allaah” (a sahih hadeeth narrated by Imaam Ahmad, 2/258).

This post was long due also because this blog has very quietly and quickly passed the 100 posts record considering that it wasn’t started long ago. UmmS. remembers that on her previous blog, she only managed to do a 100 posts in a longer time frame and stopped that blog soon after. Alhamdolilah. After every century, there should be a change. What change these posts bring in her life, only time will tell…but Allah SWT is the keeper of hearts and inshaa’Allah He will accept her words of repentance.

Umm Sulaim also wants to apologize if she has said/behaved in a manner that was upsetting to anyone. It was purely unintentional. And in some cases, it may have been intentionally stern and that was done fearing Allah SWT’s Displeasure.

She wants to meet each one of you in person. In fact she has already made a deal with one of you sisters to cross halfway the distance and meet one of you. Inshaa’Allah on a good note or possibly do Hajj together. That should be the happiest day of her life. She says that with extreme radiance on her face, however far-fetched this whole idea seems. If not this dunia, like she always says: ‘inshaa’Allah in Akhira we’ll unite in Jannatul Firdaus’. Allahuma Ameen.

May Allah SWT love you, may Angel Jibreel love you and may all the Creation love you. May Allah SWT heal your hearts and fill them with the light of Tawheed…and give me a chance to help His Creatures in any way possible.Ameen.

Many duaas,


P.S. That’s not UmmS. in the picture. Just in case anyone was wondering :)


3 Responses to “UmmSulaim says ‘Thank You’”

  1. Jazakallahukhairan for such a thoughtful and loving post. How could one not respond to such an open display of sisterly love? I am a new reader of your blog but Inshallah I look forward to reading and learning from you. May Allah (SWT) reward us both in this life and in the hereafter. May He unite us with love in this life and in Jannat-al-Firdous Ameen.

    • Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

      Welcome to my blog! :) So glad to have you here!
      JazakiAllahu khayran dearest sis, it will be sufficient for me if you make duaa for my hidaya.
      Ameen ya Rabb.

      Glad tidings for those who love each other for His Sake…A totally heart warming hadith:
      “Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) said: ‘Those who love one another for My glory, will have minbars of light, and the Prophets and martyrs will wish that they had the same.” [Reported by al-Tirmidhi, who said it is a hasan sahih hadith]

      Allahu Akbar…Prophets and martyrs who have such an exalted status already… would wish that they had what we can have too! Inshaa’Allah we’ll witness this for ourselves in Akhira.
      Totally looking forward to learning from you too, in fact alhamdolilah the process has already begun :)
      Many duaas for your peace and contentment in this dunia and Akhira.

      Please remember us all in your duaas,

      • abu Abdullah Says:

        Asalam aleykum, how are you? I think shortening or abbreviate SWT is forbidden

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