Coolness of the Fire within

We (Allâh) said: “O fire! Be you coolness and safety for Ibrâhim (Abraham)!”

And they wanted to harm him, but We made them the worst losers.  [Surah Al Anbiya 69-70]

If He SWT can cool the fire then He can definitely cool the fire within one’s heart brought by the trials in this dunia.

We just have to emulate Ibrahim AS.

Those who seek Allah SWT’s Friendship will be tried like Ibrahim AS in their most closest of relationships. He AS was tried with his father, his wife, his son…and he passed all those tests.

For Allah SWT to be the closest Friend, the highest form of love for all other ‘friends’ or ‘family members’ should be cut off through trials. Two things can’t stay in one vessel, in one place. His Love should result in the love of everyone close to you. And not the other way around.

Many trials…

…and that’s the last life-line.

JUST one more time…find His Justice in the injustice of people.

JUST one more time…because the reward’s immense:

” And Allâh did take Ibrâhim (Abraham) as a Khalil (an intimate friend)!” [Surah An-Nisaa 4:125]


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