Halal Entertainment: Gems and Jewels

Kalamullah has been my most favourite resource. May Allah SWT bless the brothers who run it with Jannatul Firdaus and protect them from the traps of Shayateen.Ameen.

I discovered a very interesting audiobook on their website. Something from which adults and children, both, can benefit at the same time! Annnd it’s very entertaining.

Please throw the TV away and do yourself a favour inshaa’Allah :)

I present to you:

This is an Audio version of the book. Wise Sayings, Interesting Events and Moral Lessons from the Islamic History. Excerpts and passages collected from many books written by the scholars of Islam have been compiled in this volume. The contents will be of equal interest to all Muslims whether they are children or adults, and similarly they will gain a lot of virtues, develop good character patterns, and adopt intellectual behaviour in their lives from the examples of the great personalities of Islam.

Gems and Jewels – Track 1

Gems and Jewels – Track 2

Gems and Jewels – Track 3

…for more tracks: Click ME!


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