Honor of Laylatul Qadr

“Seeking Laylatul Qadr

a night of His Significance

His Majesty

His Mercy

which effaces

my insignifcance

my limited hopes

And makes me


with a renewed silent hope

to be included

to be amongst

those who got the Significance


His Attention

His Pleasure

So a beggar knocks tonight


her empty words

her empty heart

lost amidst her emptiness

O Allah, pour Your Love on her

and clothe her

with the

Honor of Your Pleasure

Honor of Your Friendship

in this blessed night

in which loneliness has no room

as the Angels surround me

Sending salaam on me


I stand helpless

I stand anxious



‘Deservingly’ or ‘undeservingly’

Seeking the Honor of


Laylatul Qadr


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