Inspirational Self-Censure

“Never think about what the norms are. Some things are just out of control.

Don’t blame others for the sins in your past and don’t blame others for a no future.

You are what you did and you are in future what steps you took in the present to avoid the pains and regrets of the past.

Don’t kill time,  learn to live in it actively.

Sadness is only when you are unhappy with the Qadr.

A Muslim can only survive in this dunia if he remembers that he has to return to Allah.

The object of enjoyments of this dunia have mostly been distractions for the unwise.

You are unwise, hence your Qadr is blessed without these.

Alhamdolilah ala kulli haal.

Alhamdolilah even if I weren’t created. Alhamdolilah even if I were dead.

The Highest and Most Continuous Form of Praise will only belong to Him regardless of what He decrees for me.

I am a nobody…yet He SWT exalted me by calling me His Slave!

How Gracious is the Creator!

I have to not only realize that He’s my Master but I also have to realize that I am ONLY His Slave.

Not a slave of other slaves.

That is where I belong and I have no right to disagree with what He has decreed for me.

I need to learn to submit to liberate my soul.”



One Response to “Inspirational Self-Censure”

  1. Waalaykum asalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    Indeed only the Quraan and Sunnah should be used as directions on the cross-roads of several fitna in this dunia.

    BarakAllahu fee’k for the reminder. Pls don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the light of Quraan,Sunnah and/or pearls of wisdom of the Sahaba/Ta’b’een/Salaf that you discover.

    May Allah SWT put barakah in our memory and give us the strength to become haml-al quraan and inshaa’Allah of Sunnah as well…may He SWT give us all that Tawfeeq.ameen.


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