Allah SWT Wills no Injustice

“Whatever sin you commit today, it’ll come back to you. Whether it’s a form of injustice towards the Creator or His Creation.

So repent if you have to and learn from your past.

And stop committing any sins however small they are because they open the door to regrets and pain in this dunia itself…let alone the Akhira.

It’s the Shaytan and his companions who want to hurt you! Allah SWT does not will to hurt you! Realize who your enemy is =)

Surah Ale Imran: These are the Verses of Allâh: We recite them to you (O Muhammad SAW) in truth, and Allâh wills no injustice to the ‘Alâmîn (mankind and jinn all that exist). (108) “

Don’t be unjust to yourself by following the Shaytan or your desires. Don’t hand yourself over to your worst enemy and do not let him murder your soul.”



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