When a Duaa is Born

“The will to take action dies when the dream dies.

The dream dies when the desire/wish dies.

The desire/wish dies when the possibility of the idea dies.

The possibility of the idea dies when a human sees the future with his/her limited humanistic vision of overt rationality.

The limited humanistic vision of overt rationality creeps in when Tawakul(reliance on Allah SWT) dies.

Tawakul either dies when the hope dies or when the fear is born.

—The hope dies when a Muslim’s motivation to make duaa dies.

The Muslim’s motivation to make dua dies when he/she sees Allah SWT deficient in His Infinite Mercy, in His Power to make the Impossible Possible and is the Best Decision Maker.

—The fear is born when the love of approval of His Creation and thus its’ fear is born.

The fear of the Creation over the Creator thus leads to attack of the army of Shayateen. The battle is half lost until…the very fear dies…

…and that can only happen when a Duaa is born!”



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