Appeal: PIA Flood Relief


2 Responses to “Appeal: PIA Flood Relief”

  1. Fatima Shah Says:

    I really appreciate the efforts being carried out throughout Pakistan to bring the voice to people around the globe for humanitarian aid during this natural calamity that has struck our country.We ourselves had the Imran Khan(politician) telethon run at our office and have achieved overwhelming results in just a go of 5 hours where people from all over the world donated 23.6million PKR.

    • Asalamoalaykum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh,

      First of all, a warm welcome to my blog =) Honored to have you here!

      Mashaa’Allah that’s great! May Allah SWT reward all those who worked together for this cause with Jannatul Firdaus.ameen.

      You would be surprised to realize with what enthusiasm the aid has been collected and is still being collected at an international level. Where I live in Canada, a small local masjid has pledged to donate $80k (mashaa’Allah) and that’s just one masjid …but that’s not because people are filthy rich here, it’s the hearts that have trembled at such a devastating incident and these very hearts have remembered their Lord. Kids, students and older people of all races and religions have come together for such a cause. I pray to Allah SWT that He puts barakah in this money and accepts whatever little everyone did because He SWT doesn’t need us nor our money to better the situation for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Indeed there’s a huge reminder for the whole world in this…to do nothing but come back to the Straight Path and connect directly to Allah SWT to have a life and afterlife free of hardship inshaa’Allah. May Allah SWT help us hold onto His Rope, guide us and make us not of the misguided generations.ameen.

      Hope to see you here more often inshaa’Allah!

      Best wishes,

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