Adorn Your Worship with Ihsaan

O Muslim…become a Mohsin!

This lecture answers very briefly yet beautifully the following questions:

Why do we worship God?

How do we worship Him?

How can we beautify those acts of worship?

What are the levels of worship?


“The primary reason for our worship is not because Allah SWT created us or gave us this or that blessing. We worship Him because it is HIM who is worthy of worship regardless of the fact whether He created us or not. He SWT with all His Majestic Names and Attributes deserves to be worshipped. And that in its essence is the fundamental reason for our worship.”

-Shk. Yasir Qadhi from the lecture/video ‘Why do we worship God?’


One Response to “Adorn Your Worship with Ihsaan”

  1. This guy is amazing, thank you for this! I even bought the book that he recommended :O I like him so much that I listened to the rest of his lectures too! More, more my soul cried, I hope Allah swt will grant me with the tawfik to follow this hidayah, inshallah. Hope you are well and uni is not stressing you out – remember the hardwork will pay off one day inshallah.

    Keep your cool. x

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