Day 1


It’s 3:39 pm as I begin this post. Almost 5 and a half hours to go before I break my fast.

Quickly want to note what things I learned last night in Taraweeh in IISC  and what I learned today throughout the day.

August 10, 2010 Taraweeh: Surah Al Baqarah was recited (I believe until verse 90 something)

  • Noone will be led astray except the Fasiqeen–a munafiq is one who outwardly displays that he believes but inside his heart he doesn’t, whereas a Fasiq believes inwardly but does not show by his actions. In other words, a fasiq is someone who does believe in Allah SWT but does not obey Him through his limbs/ or in his actions
  • Who are Fasiqeen? Allah SWT describes them as those who: (1) break the Covenant of Allah SWT after affirming it (2) they sever ties with whom Allah SWT has ordered to have healthy relationship with i.e. relationships formed through the womb (3) they spread Fasaad on earth (could be tangible or intangible)
  • Fasiqeen are the biggest losers
  • Allah SWT is gave Iblees a chance even after he had disobeyed in prostration and we as humans are quick to get angry! Meaning he didn’t ask Iblees to get down onto earth until he misguided Adam and Hawa..even though Allah SWT is the One to Whom it befits Ultimate Anger..after all He SWT had created Iblees, blessed him companionship of the Angels and countless other blessings.
  • One act of disobedience can make us like Iblees if we are arrogant upon it and don’t admit our mistakes
  • The difference between Angels approach towards dealing with their Rabb and Iblees: the Angels were humble and glorified Allah SWT even though they did not disobey whereas Iblees, he disobeyed and still was arrogant! What contrasts! We should be humble and should always be glorifying Allah SWT even if we do tons of good deeds
  • Allah SWT knows what you hide so He will appropriate present you with tailor made tests and He SWT on the other hand would reward us tremendously–> we can never earn Jannah by our deeds. It’s His Mercy which will take us there
  • Whoever just follows the Guidance of Allah SWT will have no fears in this dunia and no regrets on the Day of Judgement. It’s that easy!
  • You’re senseless and the biggest fool if you order others to obey Allah SWT and recite the Quraan while you yourself don’t do that!
  • Only the Khashi’oon seek help from Allah SWT through patience and Salah (prayer) and it’s diffcult for everyone except them
  • Characteristics of Khashio’on: whenever they need help–>they seek it through patience and Salah and that’s because they know with conviction that they will be meeting their Lord
  • Today majority of the Ummah is following the footsteps of Bani Israeel: Allah SWT favoured our Ummah and us individually by granting us faith, the Quraan and Sunnah! And that’s the greatest favour for most of us who are born Muslims! Yet, instead of fearing the last Day in return we are busy with the dunia. He has given us the chance of being forgiven in this Ramadan and still most Muslims have a ‘No, thank you!’ attitude. SubhanAllah! How Forbearing Allah SWT is!
  • He SWT granted us with an easy Sunnah because people of Bani Israeel had to kill each other to be granted forgiveness
  • Shade of clouds, food, cars…everything is a blessing! Do we ever sit down and be grateful to Him? He doesn’t need our thanks! It’s us who need His Pleasure!
  • Another HUGE similarity between us and Bani Israeel: like them instead of being thankful for the food Allah SWT has provided us, we behave as if we are ‘bored’ by His Blessing and wish to ‘eat out’ or are engrossed in making other delicacies and increase in feeding our Nafs…we totally lose our focus! We should be thanking Him SWT.
  • Allah SWT asked the Angel to lift a mountain over Bani Israeel to WAKE THEM UP and that they believe. Isn’t Allah SWT doing the same when we are inflicted by natural disasters, wars etc.? He SWT is warning us time and time again. Why are we so blind?
  • We should hold onto the Quraan firmly (not in the literal sense) : we should follow the Commands within it firmly. But how will we follow it when most of us don’t even have time to understand the Quraan and are busy with the dunia. Who cares that you have 5 PhDs from Oxford/Harvard/UofT. You’re a loser and a complete despicable illiterate in His Sight  because you’ve been given Quraan and you don’t even know a word of it. And the Qaari who wears humble clothes and has a huge beard is better than you because he knows the Speech of His Lord and lives by it.
  • Allah SWT mentions Mutaqun several times. Some of those instances mentioned in the verses we covered in taraweeh are: Guidance through the Quraan can only be attained by Muttaqun(v.2), Worship Allah SWT so that one becomes Muttaqi(v.21), hold firmly onto the Quran and remember what’s in it so that one becomes a Muttaqi (v.63)
  • Don’t try to fool Allah SWT when you want to commit a sin by making lame excuses because He SWT knows what’s in your heart and He SWT punished people of the past by making them monkeys and humiliated them in this world and the HereAfter
  • When you get to know about a Command of Allah SWT, don’t you dare make any excuses like the Bani Israeel did when they were asked to slaughter the baby cow (which they had taken as a god!).
  • For some people it’s their lusts which become their gods. So for such people either Allah SWT will loosen their rope and let them increase in their trangression OR He SWT will seize the object of lust like He SWT asked Bani Israeel to slaughter the baby cow they had taken as a god. And if Allah SWT takes that object from you then be grateful because He SWT has removed a barrier between you and Him by Himself. This means that He SWT really wants to grant you guidance. Accept the guidance and don’t grieve over what materialistic thing you’ve lost!

August 11, 2010-Day 1

  • used for the Names of Allah SWT, the following website:
    • Surah Al Israa, v.110
    • Should memorize: Surah Al Israa, v.111
    • Surah Maryam, v:We guided and chose. When the Verses of the Most Gracious (Allâh) were recited unto them, they fell down prostrating and weeping.[] (58) Then, there has succeeded them a posterity who have given up As-Salât (the prayers) [i.e. made their Salât (prayers) to be lost, either by not offering them or by not offering them perfectly or by not offering them in their proper fixed times] and have followed lusts.[] So they will be thrown in Hell. (59)—> Tafseer Ibn Kathir: losing prayers here refers to not praying ON TIME!!! Such people will cast into fire unless they repent and rectify themselves!
    • Dua of Prophet SAW when he used to see any fighting or non-believers disputing–> Surah Al anbiya, v.112:
    • Another dua of the Prophet SAW for the similar reason:


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