Ramadan Kareem

May our ummah enjoy the worship during this Ramadan and have their necks freed from major and minor sins.Ameen.


One Response to “Ramadan Kareem”

  1. Eeek! What is the password for the Fate post?! I have been scrambling around frantically in my inbox, but alas I cannot find it!! I entered the one you provided me once a upon a time and it does not work :o

    Hope you are well – I hope Ramadan so far has been merciful and beautiful for you! ^^ I cannot believe we are near to approaching the second part! I am behind on my reading, and I have yet to prepare for Itikaf inshallah, much to do. I am trying to strive hard, I watched Fasting and Furious with M.Alshreef, it provided me with a much need uplift. Also I have been reading Juzz Umma and I am in love with it already though I have only listened to 20 mins! I have been thinking of you..wish we could be more closer geographically.

    Better get on with work.

    Love R. x

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