How to Instill Taqwa?

Mindblowing Khutbah which makes you love Quraan even more:


2 Responses to “How to Instill Taqwa?”

  1. Just wanted to know your efforts werent in vain, I watched this today, well just now. I really liked it, the fact it was only 30 mins long and so much good advice in such a short space of time!

    There have been a few lectures I never watched during ramadan, then I saw a post other day it said we are bombarded with lectures before and during Ramadan. it is just as important to have these reminders if not more so after Ramadan too. Especially considering that is the time when our eman goes down – what reduces Eman, lack of good deeds. So simple and true. Anyway inshallah I am getting to watch them, there are a few on your blog I never got through so Im backtracking now:), hope to instill the advice given inshallah.

    Best Wishes

    • You’re such a sweetheart!
      After quite a while, I’ve realized my efforts are never in vain because it’s Allah SWT who’ll give me the reward…oh dear here we go again…let me end my Islamicized philosophy right here. You don’t want me to get started esp. since I’ve tons of studying to do.hehe.
      I’m so glad to have you here again. It was getting a littttle lonely :)
      You’re absolutely right about that. The advice Br. Nouman gave in this small video is so beneficial and I’m going to listen to it again thanks to you!
      It’s a pleasure to read your thoughts and honestly I get inspired to move ahead in a somewhat state of spiritual stagnancy that I usually find myself trapped in during the academic year.
      Alhamdolilah for people like you!
      I love you for the Sake of Allah SWT!
      Many duaas and salams,

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