Surah An-Noor:Awe-some Moment!

I wanted to record this moment before I lose it…since this blog is a record of my journey to Rafeeqal ‘Ala…don’t want to miss out recording my reflections.

I just listened to the tafsir (commentary) of verses 43-45 of Surah An Noor. In fact those are the only verses I heard tafsir of from the entire Surah An Noor. And I swear by Allah SWT that I felt that my soul was going to come out of my body! I was so amazed by Allah SWT’s Words and I can’t control my heart and the grateful tears associated with making me a Muslim. This is the second time I felt as if I will die of amazement! I literally felt His Greatness. And I am so ready to spread His Message and talk about Him day and night. I actually feel how the Sahaba/Sahabiat may have felt…which motivated them to give up their wealth/time everything for His Sake…to run forth fearless for Jihaad(no not the distorted term of Jihaad you hear in the media) with extreme happiness. It is humanly impossible but Allah SWT makes everything beautiful possible if a person approached the Deen with open heart. SubhanAllah!

I’m shocked. I’m speechless and I can’t express myself for the first time and that in itself is something extremely weird because I always have words to express everything. SubhanAllah!

I can’t imagine how anyone after knowing about Islam would spend even a second without accepting this beautiful Deen. I have been a Muslim all my life but I never felt sooo special.

Alhamdolilah for being a Muslim and the Guidance He SWT bestowed upon me even though I have been continually sinning day and night.

Can I ever let go of the Quraan now? NEVER. No empty moments.

He SWT not only gave us a perfect Book but so beautiful from its’ linguistic perspectives to its’ scientific approaches. Wisdom in each word, each verb, physical and emotional healing in every word.

One who reads the Quraan and understands it, nothing will intellectually stimulate him/her besides the Quraan. I’ve been a Science and Literary Geek all my life but honestly, the pure intellectual stimulation and satisfaction associated with the Quraan is enough to make a Science lover give up all his/her Scientific papers and go to the Quraan for real guidance. It can make a disbeliever, a believer and supply the poorest,loneliest of humans with treasures that his/her faculties can’t take in all at once. Allah SWT’s Words make you rich!!!

Rabbana La Tuziq qaloobana ba’da ith hadaytana wa hablana milladunka rahma. Innaka antal Wahhab.ameen.


2 Responses to “Surah An-Noor:Awe-some Moment!”

  1. Bismillah. How beautiful are your words, they inspire in me a longing to be near you! To be with someone who is in constant yearning for Him, alhamdulillah. Oh how I wish we would be sitting together during the last 10 days!

    May the pain of our trial be lightened for us in the knowledge that it is He, the exalted [Ya Rafi], who is trying us. Some motivational reads I came across:

    “It may be that in distress you will find benefits that you have been unable to find either in praying or in fasting.”

    “Know that seclusion is requisite for those who truly wish to seek Allah. This seclusion is known as “the outward kind in which the seeker, far from people, sits alone in his cell until he comes into contact with the spiritual world. This result comes about because the external senses withdraw themselves and the inner senses extend themselves to signs from the spiritual world. The second kind of retreat (seclusion) is the hidden one, where the seeker is inwardly witnessing the secrets of the Real while he is outwardly surrounded by people. Khalwat dar anjuman is of this second type of retreat: outwardly to be with people, inwardly to be with God.”

    May Allah swt raise your maqam.

    Much love,

    • Asalamoalaykum,

      Only Allah SWT knows what sort of a Muslimah I am. Please remember me in your duas.

      For sure, the last 10 days with you as a companion would’ve been awesome. Inshaa’Allah Allah SWT will unite us if not in this dunia then definitely in Rafeeqal ‘Ala. Ameen.

      I think the words you share here refer to asceticism (Zuhd)? Oh how I wish I could be able to practise the true Zuhd of Aishah RA…who donated all the 10000 dirhams/dinars while fasting and when asked why she hadn’t even kept a dirham so that at least she could buy a piece of meat to break the fast…she replied that she had ‘forgotten’ to keep anything. Such was their detachment from themselves and look at us…we only think about our future savings…(of course in our times we don’t need to donate 10000 dirhams but at least we should donate however small the amount is… regularly).

      May Allah SWT bless your soul and grant you Qalb-as-Saleem on the Day of Judgement (reference: Surah 26, v.89–> do read the beautiful duas made from v. 83-87…I randomly discovered them and LOVE them!).ameen.

      And I looooove what you share…it gives me the inspiration to move on…something which is hard to maintain. Inshaa’Allah I pray that Allah SWT will reward you multifold for every word you share with me dear sis and grant you a clean slate!ameeeen.

      ur sis: Umm Sulaim

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