O Muslims:Take a U-turn! Come Back…REPENT!


5 Responses to “O Muslims:Take a U-turn! Come Back…REPENT!”

  1. Some things I have read come to mind…

    “During the season of Hajj, the shop owners in Makkah and Madinah work extremely hard. They know that during this time they can make a lot more money than they can afterwards. They work extra hours and sometimes they do not leave their shops. Some even eat and sleep at their shops.

    Similarly, our lives are our season to earn for the hereafter; what profit we can make during this time we cannot make after our “season” is over.”

    I will be in touch soon, inshallah.

    Stay cool. R. x

    • A very practical example…makes sense, very true..’we cannot make the profit after our season is over’.
      May Allah SWT give us the power to take profit from this dunia for the akhira.ameen.

      No worries, don’t rush yourself :)
      Many duas for your success,
      -Umm Sulaim

  2. When a sin is committed, the heart which is blessed with Taqwaa cannot bear the filth which sin brings. This leads to unease and unrest.

    And it is this discomfort that causes the one who possesses Taqwaa to turn immediately to Allah in repentance.


    Effects of Tawbah

    “After committing a sin one should always seek forgiveness from Allah ta’ala. One should repent even he has to do so a hundred times a day.

    This is because tawbah has the effect of eventually helping a person stop the particular sin from which he was repenting.”

    Dont Turn Your Back

    “These thoughts of guilt upon sinning are calls from Allah asking us to turn back to Him and make a u turn.

    If after these thoughts one does not bow down and shed tears in repentance then definitely this person has turned his back on Allah.”


    The Mercy of Allah

    “Allah ta’ala’s Mercy is greater then His Anger. Thus one should never feel depressed and despondent. Allah ta’ala forgives all sins; minor, major, past and present.

    When a person feels regret and remorse after sinning he should immediately turn to Allah ta’ala and seek His forgiveness with the firm resolve of not repeating the sin.

    However, if this person was to fall into that same sin again he should not despair. Regardless of how many times he slips up he should continue to turn to Allah ta’ala with regret and resolve.

    When a person continues to turn to Allah ta’ala in this manner, Allah ta’ala says to the Angels (to the nearest meaning):

    My servant continues to turn to me for forgiveness because he has recognised me as his Forgiving and Merciful Lord. Thus I will continue to forgive him.

    It is this recognition, repentance and Allah ta’ala’s forgiveness that leads one to Jannah.”


    Time to Move On

    “This is also a great obstacle in attaining spiritual progress that Shaytaan makes an individual concentrate (excessively) on his past sins and makes him despondent of the Mercy of Allah ta’ala.

    ‘My dear brother, yes, the cloth has become dirtied. Clean it using it the tap and the water of tawbah (repentance). Wash off the sin and don’t keep crying over it. Does a person continue to cry over that garment which after having become stained is washed and is now clean?’

    • Asalamoalaykum,
      Very beneficial reminders!
      They brought my idea of Taubah to another level, alhamdolilah. BarakAllahu feeki…and can I expect more of your participation here inshaa’Allah? (since you always come up with excellent points)

      -Umm Sulaim

  3. Inshallah always, I’ll add points that are inspired from your posts and pertaining to it, hopefully they will help others.

    God Bless,

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