Inspirational Video


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Things to ponder about:

  • How can we be thankless when we have legs and arms?
  • How can we not be patient with our daily troubles when we know eventually things will be OK? Whereas this person, it is less likely that his legs or arms would sprout out all of a sudden…of course Allah SWT can do anything but these comparisons can give us a lot of comfort.
  • If Allah SWT takes away something, He SWT blesses you with something else…avert your attention from what you’ve lost and turn your energies towards what you’ve gained or learned and you’ll find immense peace even if you’ve lost something.
  • Optimism is being thankful to Allah SWT whereast pessimism or being depressed is being thankless to His Favours and the more optimist and hence thankful you are, the more He will Bless you with.
  • Always use your limbs or anything Allah SWT has blessed you with to guide humanity, to aid them- to reach out and touch people’s lives so that they’re guided back to Allah SWT and honestly, there’s nothing better than doing that.
  • SMILE! Have a good sense of humor even if things aren’t OK. Learn to laugh at your ownself and embrace life as it is.
  • Patience can conquer everything, whether that’s a defect in your body or a major problem in your life, it will make your life more fruitful and exalt you in the Sight of Allah SWT and eventually in people’s eyes.
  • According to Islam, there’s noone who’s ‘disabled’. Don’t believe me? Read the following hadith:
  • The Prophet –sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- saw a  man from his Companions, walking wearing a long garment and it was trailing below his ankles, so the Messenger –sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- said to him: ‘O so and so, raise your garment since it is closer to piety and better to remain cleaner.’

    The man said: ‘O Messenger of Allaah I am bow-legged.’

    The narrator continues:

    ‘So this person lengthened his garment so that he could cover up this deficiency as he had presumed, and he apologized for this reason for having lengthened his garment so the Messenger –sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- said to him: ‘O so and so – [the narrator said: ‘and here is the main point’ ] – ‘All of Allaah’s creation is good. All of Allaah’s creation is good.’ [Saheeh: ‘Silsilah Saheehah’ 1441-  Post Reference:

  • Happiness may come packaged to you and gift wrapped in some problem. Once you take off the wrapper and bear patience while doing that, you will reach to your share of happiness.
  • Fears are natural part of one’s life. They lead to insecurities but the best way to overcome fear is to go approach it face to face. That’s when you’ll realize that it was all in the head.
  • Nothing is impossible. Allah SWT can make impossible…possible. It’s one of His Characteristics. How can you or anyone else for that matter deny His Attributes?
  • Don’t kill yourself with the problems you have! Take your problems as blessings and use it to inspire others!
  • As a Muslim, you get rewarded for even a single prick of a pain you get…you think Allah SWT is not Merciful enough to reward you with mountains of reward on the Day of Judgement after all the pain you have suffered?
  • Everything is a blessing given to you by Allah SWT. So don’t even dare to use His Blessings to disobey Him!

May Allah SWT guide this man to the Right Path because he doesn’t know how pleased Allah SWT would be and what great rewards he would’ve accumulated with all his patience.Ameen.

May Allah SWT, the Ever Merciful, forgives us for every second of ungratefulness we showed either verbally, physically or even through our negative thoughts because we’re going to be accountable for all our thoughts…Ameen.


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