Do You Want to Sit next to Prophet(SAW) on the Day of Judgement?

Jabir ibn Abdullah reported that the Prophet (saw) said: “Those who are the dearest to me and closest sitting with me in the majlis on the Day of Judgement, those with good character (Islamic Personality), and those who are most hated to me and farthest from my majlis on the Day of Judgement are at-tatharun – those who speak a lot (especially non-Islamic things.) And those who when they speak they speak with an accent (al-mudashadikun – when you emphasise words making it long and moving your mouth and face with it etc), and mutafayqihun – those who are not scholars, but says he is, and speaks of the fiqh of his own mind (or gives fatwa etc).”

Sahabah asked: “We know those who speak a lot, we know about those who speak with accent, but what about those who say they are ‘Alim?”

The Prophet (saw) said: “They are arrogant and they have no knowledge.”

[Musnad Imam Ahmad 17278, Tirmidhi 2018, Sharh Muslim section. 12 p.10 ]


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