The Eternal Journey testimonial

For my most favourite Al Maghrib Instructor: Dr. Reda Bedeir,

May he attain Rafeeq’A’la.

May he be the companion of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) in Jannatul Firdaus.

May he have no accountability in his grave.

May his grave be from the gardens of Firdaus.

May the pangs of death go easy on him.

May he achieve the status of the most beloved servant of Allah.

May his children become a source of Noor on the day of Judgement.

May his wife attain Jannatul Firdaus for letting her husband spend hours of his life with his students.

Ameen Ya Rabul A’lameen.

‘The Eternal Journey’ was something that has changed me and has given life to my spirit by the permission of Allah.


I wish he comes back to C-City…and I become his student permanently.

May my Rabb lessen his pain in this dunia and give him health and wealth.Ameen.

I will be the witness on the Day of Judgement that Allah has definitely made you one of the Khashi’oon..InshAllah.

Dr. Reda Bedeir, you will be missed here in C-city and meeting you for the first time, my respect for you is immense and I’m forever grateful to Allah that He Created you, Educated you and Gave me the opportunity for learning from you. Alhamdolilah.

You’re a gem of a human and definitely a gem of an Instructor.MashAllah.


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