You’re Doomed if…


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Yes! You or I are doomed if our parents aren’t satisfied with us.

It is obvious, Allah has given parents the highest status. SubhanAllah.

Please have a look at the video:

May Allah forgive us if we haven’t satisfied our parents and let us not die before they are.

O Allah I feel like a loser and I wish I could destroy myself with the grief of upsetting my parents but in Your Hands lies Justice and asking for your Justice is like hastening my punishment. Please forgive what I’ve done in the past and the countless times I haven’t fulfilled their obligations. I have wronged myself and I have asked for my destruction through my misdeeds. If You could only forgive me with Your Infinite Mercy,only then will I have the courage to call myself a Muslim. Let not my end be a bad one. I trust You with my soul and I know I can only improve if You give me Hidaya(guidance). I ask for that Guidance and I ask for their forgiveness through Your Mercy. Surely wthout Your Mercy, this life is not worth living. And surely with Your Wrath, my death would be not something I would look forward to. Please correct all my affairs for Only You can set things right and Only You I can ask for help. And if I die in the next few seconds, please make my fingers which type this, as a witness of my sincerity for asking for forgiveness. Let not my heart,mind and tongue testify against me.Ameen.


And Allah Knows Best.

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